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While continuing to build within the relationships we have made with our current carriers, we look forward to expanding our carrier appointments to ensure our Agency Network brings competitive and comprehensive products to the marketplace.

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We are an insurance provider of personal and commercial lines products. Urban Advantage partnered with various insurance companies to grant our network of agents access to a wide range of insurance products from admitted and non-admitted carriers. 

“Our dedicated staff supports independent agencies with the risk assessment and  the submission process.  We work with you side by side to meet the needs of your customers.”

– Laura Fouty 

“Our mission is to bring competitive and comprehensive products to the independent agency force.  Our partnership with  various insurance providers allows us to bring a wide range of products to our agents.”

– Mason Harris 

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Most submissions will receive a quote back within one day.  For complex commercial risks, it can take between two to four days to receive a proposal. 

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