Policy Remarketing Process

The guide below is designed to assist agents in the remarketing efforts of a book of business being non-renewed by a current carrier. 


100 days before effective date

Agent mails a customer notification letter informing client of the upcoming non-renewal notification along with a quote proposal with the new carrier.

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90 days before effective date

Current carrier non-renewal notification is mailed to the client.


80 days before effective date

Agent calls customer advising of the new policy followed by an email message.


75 days before effective date

The agent contacts the mortgage company to inform of the new policy, deliver invoice, and process the record change


Day after policy issuance (not effective date)

Urban Advantage will mail invoice to mortgage company (For escrow-billed accounts) and customer.


1 day before effective date

Once we receive payment Urban Advantage will mail policy packet to customer.
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