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Home/Auto Insurance

Are you a new homeowner or simply looking for a better Home Insurance Policy? Or perhaps you are shopping for Auto Insurance coverage? Do you need the enhanced protection of an Umbrella Insurance Policy? We offer various coverage and pricing solutions for your family.

Business Insurance

For over 30 years, we worked with business owners seeking Commercial Insurance products. Our goal is to help the businesses in our communities with the protection needed in the case of a loss. From small businesses to large organizations, our commercial agents are ready to provide the support you need.


Our Commitment

For more than 30 years, our staff at Urban Advantage has been committed to serving the needs of customers who live in the urban communities. Through our diverse network of independent agents, we are proud to provide comprehensive and affordable homeowners, auto, umbrella and commercial insurance to consumers and small business owners. We remain rooted in our promise to put the insurance needs of families who reside in the urban communities first and will continue to support organizations and businesses committed to serving your needs.

Thank you for your trust in choosing Urban Advantage Insurance.

Faye W. McClure
President and CEO
Urban Advantage Insurance Services

Urban Advantage Insurance Reviews

Ricardo Herrera
Urban Advantage Customer
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This company is so competitively priced, I was glad to switch over from my other insurance provider. I’m saving $150 a year on my home insurance, and the coverage I have now is better. The customer service staff is super helpful and friendly as well. I’ve called the billing department to pay my bill and every time I speak with someone it’s so professional and you can tell they have a smile on their face by hearing their voices. I’d rather have insurance with a small company, where I know they care about their customers vs a huge company that just looks at you like another dollar bill. Call to get information, I’m glad I did!
Yonatan SalazarIndependent Insurance Agent
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Great prices and even better customer service, thank you Urban Advantage! I'm glad there's a company dedicated to helping our community 🙂
Cindy Valle
Urban Advantage Customer
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With all of the increases from other companies due to fires in California, my parents were paying over $1700 for homeowners insurance. They had basic coverage, and lived in an area that was not fire prone, yet their yearly premium kept increasing. That was ridiculous! Then I found Urban Advantage! I was able to get a quote for my parents house, and i'm paying $800 in yearly premium! That's a huge discount. I went over all the coverage from their old policy and their new policy and they were getting better coverage as well. People don't realize that even though they don't live in a fire area, their insurance goes up as well. Take a chance and call Urban Advantage. You might be able to save a few hundred dollars and you'll have insurance with an amazing company.
Patty Soueidan
Independent Insurance Agent
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Wow!! Thank you for making things easier for us. I love it!!
Urban Advantage

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